A combination of high-quality care, cost savings, and access to affordable complex treatments make India a favored option for many people seeking healthcare abroad.

India is one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations, and the rate of foreign patients receiving treatment in the country is growing by 20% each year.

This guide is based on the most common questions our Care Team receives from international medical travelers inquiring about treatment in India.

Why travel to India for healthcare?

The main driver of India’s health tourism lies in its ability to provide specialized complex treatments for competitive prices. India also has many hospitals that meet high international standards, and English being so widely spoken makes it a very attractive option for medical travel.

When considering value for money, India is one of the leading destinations in the world for medical tourism.

With 9 million tourists per year, the country has the necessary infrastructure to enable medical travelers to feel comfortable, including hotels, tours, and many other helpful services.

Finally, India has a long history as a wellness destination and is renowned for its traditional healing practices. The prospect of recovering in a wellness retreat is just one of the many reasons people are drawn to India.

Where do India’s medical tourists come from?

Some previous estimates put India’s number of medical tourists in the millions, but these inflated figures likely included the many Indian citizens travelling between its cities for healthcare.

Most of India’s medical tourists come from regional countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Estimates suggest visitors from these countries comprise 85% of India’s medical tourists, with the other 15% being visitors from the UK, the US, the Middle East, and others.

Which Indian cities are popular for medical tourists?

India’s largest cities attract the most international patients, with Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Bangalore leading the way in India’s growing medical tourism industry. Scroll left and right on the images below to view more hospitals and super-specialty hospitals.

How do I organize treatment in India?
You can always contact always, you are looking to book treatment in India and are unsure where to start, you can call us or visit on

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