Medical tourism is a kind of health tourism, in which people from a less developed country travel to a highly developed country for the advance medical treatment in less expense. And India is emerging as a boon for medical tourism. As the quality of medical treatment in India has improved a lot, more and more westerners are travelling to India for low priced health care procedures. It is an estimate that around 9,50,000 Medical tourists come to India in 2018 and this number would rise in coming year.

It has been estimated that in the cost of treatment in India at an around tenth of the price in America or Britain, but reduced cost does not compromise with the latest medical technologies and international quality standards. The most sought after treatments in India by medical tourist are bone marrow transplant, alternative medicine, Heart surgery, Cardiac bypass, Hip replacement, Hip resurfacing and Eye surgery.

In India, Noida and Chennai are emerging as the hotspot for medical tourism and known as India’s health capital. In fact, 45 percent of all medical tourists coming to India prefer Delhi and Chennai for treatment due to low expenditure and less waiting time. Here, language translators are being hired by many hospitals in order to make non-English speaking patients more comfortable. Various dental clinics have attracted dental care tourism to Delhi and Chennai. Kerala, also being the hub of Ayurvedic treatment in India and one of the most peaceful places has attracted tourist across the world.

Watching over the growth in medical tourism, Indian government is taking needful steps to address infrastructure issues and making all necessary arrangements required for tourists to visit India for medical treatment. It has also removed visa limitations for the tourists coming from other countries in order to boost medical tourism.