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India is considered one of the world’s most trusted destinations for medical tourism. A growing nation of well-trained healthcare professionals and supported with world class medical infrastructure is now the destination for international patients looking for cost effective medical treatments.

Patients are realizing savings of up to 75% on procedures like cardio-thoracic and orthopaedic surgeries. Close to 600,000 international patients have undergone medical procedures between 2012-14 at Indian medical facilities located across several metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc.

Patients from nations as far away as the US, UK, and many parts of the African Continent, the Middle East and countries like Russia, Bangladesh are now travelling to India for medical procedures.

The Indian Government encourages the Medical Tourism sector. This ensures medical facilities adhere to international standards that qualify as super-speciality hospitals with equipment, doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals who are capable of delivering the right medical treatment in a cost effective manner.

India now has 28 JCI accredited hospitals. Patients have the option of either recuperating in the hospital or at practically priced accommodations close by. Many hospitals also give the option of continuing the treatment through telemedicine.

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The Indian Government has eased visa restrictions for medical tourist visas from several countries which allows frequent visits and longer stay for medical reasons in India.

India boasts of a rich culture and heritage unlike any other. It is also considered among the leading economies with bustling business and infrastructure. A medical tourism trip can be easily combined with a holiday and/or business trip.

India is a multi-lingual nation. English is an official language and language translators are easily available at leading hospitals to help while communicating in other languages.

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