How is Cancer Treatment in India saving the lives of people?

How is Cancer Treatment in India saving the lives of people?

You will be surprised to know that how Cancer Treatment in India is saving the life of people. Cancer is a deadly disease in which the body develops abnormal cells and destroys the body tissue. Cancer is not restricted to any one type it is of various types as it can also affect a specific part of body such as the skin, stomach, genitals (testicular and cervical cancer), ovarian cancer, mouth cancer and many tumors which run a risk of becoming cancerous.

Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is nothing but the development of unwanted cell growth in the body therefore the treatment of cancer includes destroying those unwanted cells. The various therapies such us radiation therapy and chemo therapy successfully destroy the cancerous cells. The treatment for cancer is very risky as it runs a risk of damaging the body in many other ways and is also very painful. So if you are suffering from cancer then only go for the best treatment which is available.

Treatment for Cancer in India

India is home for many advanced doctors and surgeons who are well equipped in treating diseases such as cancer. There is a demand for Indian doctors and cancer specialists’ worldwide. People from all across the globe, move to India for receiving the best medical treatment for cancer.

Comparison of India with Abroad

Today India has one of the best cancer surgeons in the world. Everything that can be done in any other cancer center or hospital across the globe can be done here. Some known cancer specialists claim that in some of the cases the treatment is even better than abroad. Why India is a suitable to cure cancer below are the reasons:

Many patients travel to India to receive cancer treatments

We often see patients from India travelling to US or any other country when it comes to curing cancer. Many patients travel form other countries to India. But this never gets highlighted, it is very important that the people from our country realize that the treatment available in our country is nothing less than that US or any other country. The doctors in our country have successfully treated the worst form of cancers. Besides good cancer specialists our country has the best surgeons which may be required in the process of cancer treatment.

  • The treatment is cost effective
    No other country other than India offers the treatment for cancer at low cost. The various therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy cost a fortune and it is very difficult to afford the medication and the treatment simultaneously without any medical insurance. The cost of chemotherapy in India is comparatively lower than in other countries. This is also one of the various reasons why people choose India to receive cancer treatment.

  • Doctor to patient ratio
    Many people do not opt for medical field and especially oncologists because it requires many tears of studying and practice. Earlier the ratio of doctors to patients in India was very poor. There were fewer doctors to cure this disease. But today we have beaten this scarcity as today we have many hospitals and there is treatment available for every patient. The cases of skin cancer in the US is very large and every year thousands of people are diagnosed with either form of cancer and they look for a cheaper option to receive the treatment and also the best and then India becomes their best option.

  • India has the latest drugs
    Many people think that India does not have the latest medicines that are frequently introduced in the west to treat cancer. Whenever a new medicine associated with cancer is launched it is also launched in India along with the west. Therefore India has all the latest medicines for treating cancer.

How to find the Best cancer treatment in India?

When someone is diagnosed with cancer there first step is to look for the best doctor. Many people do not have a clue that where to go. They are already so stressed with the situation and it becomes very difficult for the patient to look for the best available treatment. We know where to look for a specialist for a particular disease but when it comes to cancer people become clueless in such a situation people should look for a hospital consultant. If you are looking for the best hospital consultant for the treatment of cancer then Indus Medical Tourism is your best option.

Indus Medical Tourism

Indus medical tourism has tie- ups with the best hospitals and cancer treatment centers. They have tie- ups all across the country. Cost of cancer treatment can be a big problem but at Indus we help you to assist with the affordable treatments for you. We try look for hospitals and centers offering the lowest cost of chemotherapy in India.  Besides taking care of the cost we also take care of the location of the hospital.

Sometimes it is not possible for us to look for a doctor in the patient’s city and therefore the patient has to sometimes move temporarily to different city. We help find the affordable residence which is close to the hospital. We also help arrange appointments with doctors.

When the patients have to move we also provide assistance with that. Whenever children are involved we try to maintain a cheerful atmosphere for such patients until the family settles in the new place. We also offer separate caretakers for older patients.

So if you are diagnosed with the deadly disease of cancer then you do not need to worry about the treatments. We will guide you through your tough time and do our best to help to manage the cost and search for the best specialists and the treatment.

Of you need to seek assistance like ours then contact Indus Medical Tourism today. We will try our best to help you, to make an appointment with us dial on our helpline number or contact us through mail.

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